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Carolyn Wesolek-Babcock


Update: October, 2014 Biagina has purchased 'Fortunado', an FEI Hannovarian gelding by Waldorf. She is very excited and is looking forward to the upcoming show season. 'Max' may be available for a few lessons.

In February 2013 Biagina returned from 6 months in Florida working for Anne and David Gribbons. During that time Biagina rode with both Anne and her assistant trainer, Tamra Brown, increasing her technical skill and dressage vocabulary. Anne pronounced Biagina "a Beatiful rider". Biagina returned to her beloved Oregon to share what she has learned with students and horses in training.

Biagina Lazaroni has over 40 years riding experience that includes the disciplines of Hunter/Jumper, Dressage, Western Pleasure, Breeding and Driving. She has started many young horses, several of which went on to successful show careers and has schooled horses up to the Grand Prix level and shown up to Intermediate 1.

Biagina has also gained valuable knowledge as: Coach to the University of Oregon Riding Club for 2 seasons, Managing a 40 horse fox-hunting stable in upstate Ohio and Teaching hunter/jumper clientele in Eugene, Oregon. She has ridden in clinics with: Walter Zettl, Cindy Sydnor, Jane Savoie, Volker Brommen, Karl Mikolka, Lilo Fore, Tracey Lert, Hilda Guerney, Bettina Drummond, Seanna Adamson, Jane Ayers, Debbie Fornia and Sonya Vraco. Biagina was invited to participate in 2 USDF FEI Trainer's Symposia with Conrad Schumaker and Ula Salzgaber. Biagina has also worked with FEI trainer/instructor Tracey Lert and was a participant in the USDF “L” Judges training program. 

In 2004 Biagina completed a successful buying trip to Holland, bringing back a Grand Prix horse as well as a talented young prospect. Under Biagina's skillful training, the Grand Prix horse enjoyed an excellent and fulfilling show career with a number of wonderful achievements that made both owner and trainer extremely proud.


Oregon Dressage Society Prix St. George State Champion


Attended the last Symposium taught in the U.S. by the late Dr. Reiner Klimke


AHSA/USDF Third Level Regional Champion


AHSA/USDF Second Level Regional Champion and Oregon Dressage Society Second Level State Champion


Northwest Horse Council Adult Equitation Champion and Second Reserve Champion for English Pleasure with a horse she started and trained


Attended private college in Virginia in a Baccalaureate program on Horsemanship



I’m 75 years old, have ridden since I was nine, got my first basic lessons in dressage with Ward Wells in 1969. Since then I’ve tried to continue dressage on my own, with limited success. I recently had the good fortune to meet Biagina and asked her to take me on as a student. Those of us who are older usually are set in our ways and can be difficult to teach. But Biagina has welcomed the task, challenging me to regain old skills and accept new ones.

Since we’ve been working together, I’ve regained balance and self-confidence after hip replacement surgery. My young training-level horse and I are progressing nicely, correcting my bad habits and faults with Biagina’s firm and fair guidance. Let me tell you, she sees absolutely everything! “Nancy! What’s your left hand doing?” she’ll ask me. Then she’ll explain and demonstrate correct position. She is a terrific teacher of both horse and rider, doesn’t let you get by with a second-rate execution of a movement, is quick to praise if you and the horse do it right, but will give you “do-overs” if you don’t. Each lesson builds on the skills taught previously, they are never boring, and you get lots of homework. Her knowledge of dressage and horses is outstanding as is her ability to pass that knowledge on to her students. I often experience a dressage “high” after a lesson with Biagina.

When I began riding with Biagina, I set a simple goal at getting myself and horse to first level. Now, with her expert help, I’m beginning to believe we can get to second level and maybe, just maybe, with lots of work and practice, dare I even dream... third level?

Thank you, Biagina, for your dedication and expertise..

Nancy Brown and Arabella

I began riding with Biagina to improve my riding ability and broaden my mare's training. At the first lesson she made a few seemingly minor tweaks in my position which immediately made improvements in Lily's way of going and we have continued to steadily improve in the months and years since. Biagina's consistent, enthusiastic and clear explanations are easy to remember for schooling between lessons and she is available via email for questions I may have between sessions. Lily has become better trained than she ever would have without Biagina's amazing ability to literally see every move my muscles make during our lessons and making adjustments as needed. Biagina always looks out for the horse, too, whether it is about equipment choice and fit or how much to ask of the horse. I always have confidence in her advice and will continue to look forward to many future lessons with her.

Sue Smith, Corvallis, Oregon


I began taking lessons with Biagina Lazaroni over a year ago with the desire to be a correct classical rider. The horse I had was newly backed and very spirited. In the time I have worked with Biagina I have found her to be honest, knowledgeable and professional in her work. She has helped me get through some difficult times with a mare that is very spirited and dominant in her ways. Together we have molded this mare into a very rideable and enjoyable mount.

I have grown leaps and bounds from where I was and am becoming more effective with my seat and aids. Not an easy accomplishment for anyone in their 60's. I appreciate her devotion to the art of dressage and her desire to support my goals and help me reach for the Stars!! While I have many more miles to go, Biagina advocates for safety and comfort for the horse and rider. She is passionate about what she does and has great integrity. I have ridden all my life in various disciplines but never have I learned so much in so little time until now.

Julia Dominick

  "Her instruction has brought me to a new level of learning . . ."

I have enjoyed riding with and having Biagina train my horses. She is very thorough and pays much attention to detail. She has brought me to a new level of structured riding where I think things through and continue to practice until I get a movement correct. I enjoy the discussions we have each time I ride with her and how she thoroughly answers each of my questions. Recently she explained the halt/walk transitions and sitting trot to me in a way I had never heard before. Her explanation made sense and she was able to break them down for me second by second so that I understood both clearly. I thrive off this type of instruction and am enjoying my lessons immensely. Her instruction has brought me to a new level of learning in the saddle that am enjoying. I am developing feel and that is something I have been striving for.
Thank you very much for excellent lessons.

Carolyn Wesolek-Babcock
Careve Friesians







  "Her lessons are concise and correct."

Biagina exudes professionalism and is a hard working and honest trainer.


Three years ago I had one of my imported Friesians delivered into her care until I could come pick him up myself. I was confident that Biagina would do everything possible to ensure his health and safety after such a long journey. In addition, I have taken dressage lessons from her and observed her representation of a sales horse. Her lessons are concise and correct. She is a good communicator who knows how to get the point across in an encouraging and understandable way. The horses she trains have manners and are supple and willing. When Biagina is representing your horse for sale, she is up front about her expectations and professional in the presentation of your sales horse. Finally, of utmost importance to me, she gets back to me quickly when I have emailed or left a phone message.

Laurie Peterson
Tailwind Friesians


  “Biagina got us on track with one another . . ."

I owe a debt of gratitude to Biagina for fostering the relationship between me and my horse and for helping us grow into a partnership. Using her splendid intuition, firm guidance and wealth of experience and knowledge, Biagina got us on track with one another and elicited new levels of execution. I’ve learned so much from her and would highly recommend her as a professional trainer to anyone who needs a mentor, wants to raise the level of their horsemanship, improve their riding skills, develop their understanding of their equine partner and excel in the competitive arena.

Susie Grimes and Ty

  "Biagina practices what she preaches!"

I saw how my horse's mental status came first in his training program. With his mind relaxed, his body developed therefore his movement flourished. Now it is my turn to learn how to be exact with my body and aids to maintain all Cobie has learned. Under Biagina's tutelage we will work as a team up the training pyramid.

Norma Jean Meakes

  "I always look forward to my lessons with Biagina . . . "

Riding with Biagina over the years has drastically improved my riding. Improving my balance, communication and attentiveness in the saddle has in turn brought my horse’s performance to a new level. Throughout my lessons with Biagina, I have begun to understand that I must improve my self and my riding in the saddle before my horse can even begin to improve under it. Her style of training is straight forward yet kind in a way that works incredibly well with my learning style.. She has taught me that you must pay attention to every small detail in order for your horse to reach his full potential. I always look forward to my lessons with Biagina, knowing my horse and I will improve each time.   

Tori  Peterson & Shasta 


  “As a parent, Biagina is everything I wanted in a trainer for my daughter”

I remember the first time my daughter Tori participated in a dressage clinic given by Biagina. There were several riders ahead of her, so we watched. As we watched and listened, we thought “wow, she seems kind of stern and demanding”. My daughter, at the time, was a young quiet girl so I think she was a little nervous. When it was Tori’s turn to ride, Biagina was just as we had watched, stern and demanding. But in a good way. She was “stern” in that if she asked you to do something, she expected you to try your hardest. “Demanding” in that, you don’t give up. Keep trying until you get it. And when you got it, you got it and Biagina was full of praise and encouragement. After her ride, Tori said it was a tough lesson, but she actually learned from it.

Over the next couple of years, every time a Biagina clinic came up, Tori wanted to attend. And, when the time was right for us to hire a trainer for Tori and her horse, guess who her first choice was? Biagina!

As a parent, Biagina is everything I wanted in a trainer for my daughter . Very professional, yes stern and demanding, yet full of praise and encouragement. She not only improved Tori’s skills and confidence as a rider, but as a person too. Biagina cares for and about her students. If you are serious about learning and wanting to improve as a rider, you cannot find anyone with more passion, heart, experience and training than Biagina.

Biagina has had a big part in Tori becoming the beautiful, confident rider she is today. She continues to not only be Tori’s trainer, but our friend too.

Cindi Peterson






Biagina is an excellent, qualified dressage judge with years of experience riding, training, and showing all levels and breeds of horses. She is dependable and always willing to assist riders of any level.

Sally Temple
President of the Twin Rivers Chapter of ODS 


"Extraordinary, meticulous and witty trainer-instructor!"

Lee Soreng and Nicky Soreng-Robbins


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