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Trainer, Biagina Lazaroni . . .
"All of my experiences have led me to believe that a good relationship between horse and rider is a rare gift and should be accorded all the respect and appreciation of such. The purpose of training should be to preserve the soundness of the horse’s mind and body and build upon the horse/rider relationship in order to increase enjoyment and mutual understanding."

When you and your horse come to Rising Star Farms, every effort is made to insure your safety, comfort, enjoyment and success as well as the mental/physical well-being and happy Dressage education of your equine partner. From the custom designed feed program to the temperature at which your horse is comfortable, careful attention is paid to every detail so that nothing impedes your horse’s improvement and education. Here are some of the particulars that trainer, Biagina Lazaroni, will over-see from the moment your horse arrives.

  • Custom-designed feed program for your horse – to ensure proper health, weight and calm energy without draining your pocketbook.

  • Working closely with the best farrier available – for your horse’s maximum comfort and correctness while allowing full athletic ability.

  • Blanket adjustments – correct temperature is important for optimum muscle health – horse comfort zones are very individual!

  • Close attention to your horse’s saddle, bridle and bit fit

  • Correct balance of work and play for your equine athlete – to ensure proper muscle development and mental stability.

  • Proper grooming program – to develop a close working relationship and promote good health for your horse

  • Attention to individual personality – every horse is different and should be approached in a way that works with their personality, not against it.

  • Careful, steady approach to training, with a strong emphasis on the Training Scale and correct muscular and mental development of your horse– the results will be a strong, happy, healthy, confident and trusting athlete.

When you take lessons with Biagina Lazaroni, how you learn will be as important as what you learn. Every rider has a different way of processing information, a different set of physical skills and a different set of goals. Biagina will design a riding program suited to your individual time, level of education and physical needs. Together you will work to set reasonable goals and together you celebrate when those goals are reached and exceeded!


Rising Star Farms is currently accepting new horses in training and new students of all levels and abilities Biagina's training services are available to students and clients in Douglas, Lane, Linn, Benton and Marion Counties.


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